TV Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, 3.03, “The Funeral”


“Boyle is back, baby! Okay, maybe the resuscitation of Charles Boyle’s latent dating life is, in the grand scheme of things, Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s least important third season development thus far, but after last week’s “New Captain,” there hung in the air a question as to what the show intended for him in a post-Jamy world. Would Joe Lo Truglio merely be relegated to the role of Jake’s and Amy’s personal relationship cheerleader? It’s a fair if perhaps overdramatic question—one episode alone can’t determine the trajectory of a character for an entire season, can it? But fair or not, the question has been answered in “The Funeral”: Boyle’s lookin’ for love again, but regrettably, for the time being, in all the wrong places.” (Via Paste Magazine.)


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