The Muppets, 1.03, “Bear Left Then Bear Write”


“The appearance of a celebrity guest in the Muppet world, whether on the big or small screen, always adds a bit of zest to their tomfoolery, and the Muppets’ list of celebrity guests is as extensive as it is profound. Harry Belafonte, Julie Andrews, Vincent Price, Steve Martin, Roy Clark, Milton Berle, Amy Adams, Dom DeLuise, John Cleese; that’s quite a tally, and thanks to “Bear Left Then Bear Write,” we can add Nick Offerman, Christina Applegate, and Liam Hemsworth to the total, too. Celebrity cameos are a foolproof formula for easy excitement. Got a flagging storyline? Does the plot need a brief injection of hobnobbing pizazz? Just toss in a few well-known and well-liked actors and watch as their very presence livens up the place.” (Via Paste Magazine.)

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