Review: Pan, 2015, dir. Joe Wright


“When Joe Wright’s Pan moves its setting away from London and into Neverland, Peter (Levi Miller), not yet the hero we know he becomes, steps out onto the deck of a flying pirate ship to observe a strip mine jammed with filthy children singing a shanty song that sounds an awful lot like “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” That’s because it is “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” belted out with a forced resignation by the captive kiddies at the behest of vicious, cruel, equally filthy pirates. Not long after, Peter stands on the precipice of actual doom, and the crowd rumbles the lyrics to “Blitzkrieg Bop,” no longer a ditty about German battle tactics in World War II but instead a death march for lost boys who haven’t been lost long enough to earn the name.” (Via Paste Magazine.)

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