TV Review: The Muppets, 1.02, “Hostile Makeover”


“For as long as the Muppets have occupied a place on our televisions and in our hearts, Kermit the Frog has given their sentimental hijinks soul. He’s the Muppet’s shamrock-hued conscience. He gives them a reason to try, even though for the Muppets, “trying” is the inevitable first step toward calamity. So if you want to divine the source of the misanthropic taint staining the gang’s outlook in ABC’s The Muppets, look no further than Kermit himself. When Kermit keeps his chin up, the Muppets can bowl through any sort of adversity. (They’ve escaped obsolescence on a handful of past occasions thanks to his aw-shucks positivity, after all.) But when Kermit goes sour, it spreads like felt-borne streptococcus and makes everyone a grump.” (Via Paste Magazine.)

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