TV Review: The Bastard Executioner, 1.04, “A Hunger/Newyn”


“After a two-part pilot and a pair of standalone episodes, The Bastard Executioner has become a show that’s fully worth watching. We’re too far past the point at which Kurt Sutter’s Welsh medieval torture baby could ever be called “perfect,” but where he’s contented himself playing solo rounds of speedball since the series’ premiere, he finally has the chessboard out in “A Hunger/Newyn.” Maybe he’s been playing chess all along, though, moving pieces from square to bloody square in service of seeing his overarching goal—whatever it is—realized. If so, Sutter is the most glacially-minded chessmaster in the history of the game, but at least the direction of The Bastard Executioner’s split narrative has started taking shape.” (Via Paste Magazine.)

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