Review: Bloodsucking Bastards, 2015, dir. Brian James O’Connell


“Some cult flicks take decades to germinate in the hearts and minds of schlock enthusiasts, while others announce themselves right away. Director Brian James O’Connell’s Bloodsucking Bastards could easily fall under the latter category, provided it finds the right audience to embrace it. That shouldn’t be too difficult: It stars Fran Kranz, a Joss Whedon alum best known for either his supporting stint on the defunct Dollhouse, his turn as Claudio in Whedon’s backyard party version of Much Ado About Nothing, or his role as the nominal hero of The Cabin in the Woods, which Whedon co-wrote with helmsman Drew Goddard. Any production that siphons off the Whedonverse is guaranteed to have a niche following.” (Via Paste Magazine.)

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