Review: Tomorrow We Disappear, 2015, dir. Jim Goldblum & Adam Weber


“The Neolithic Hongshan of China, Cambodia’s Khmer Empire, the inhabitants of Pakistan’s Indus Valley, the Anasazi—cultures up and vanish all the time in world history. And as tragic as the loss of these cultures may be, it might be more tragic that in certain cases we’re not even sure what, exactly, happened to them. Solving the first problem requires a lot of different parts moving in unison. Solving the second just requires a guy to sling a camera. In Tomorrow We Disappear, Jim Goldblum and Adam Weber take the chance to document a contemporary culture that’s on the precipice of dying out: the artists’ colony of Kathputli in New Delhi. If you’ve read Salman Rushdie, you’ve heard of this community, though you might not realize it at first.” (Via Paste Magazine.)

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