Review: Queen of Earth, 2015, dir. Alex Ross Perry


“Is Alex Ross Perry America’s best contemporary filmmaker? If your voice is counted among the uproar raised over Perry’s 2014 film, Listen Up Philip, that shouldn’t even be a question, but that film plays only to palates honed to withstand the acrid taste of wanton awfulness. Perry makes lovely, fractured movies about hideous people. Watching his work delights the mind while corroding the soul. Sharp staccato dialogue and humor as black as pitch don’t ameliorate the bothersome notion that we’re enabling his parades of misery. Taken from that angle, Perry’s latest, Queen of Earth, feels like more of the same, except that it overflows with an urgent sense of humanity that his past efforts willfully elide.” (Via Paste Magazine.)


One thought on “Review: Queen of Earth, 2015, dir. Alex Ross Perry

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