Review: Final Girl, 2015, dir. Tyler Shields


“Have you ever sat through a movie so ponderous and pointless that you felt the minutes ticking by as your patience slowly dwindled to zero? That’s more or less the experience of watching Tyler Shields’ immeasurably boringFinal Girl, a film injudiciously stitched together out of so many retread genre tropes that they wind up leeching out anything resembling a plot. Shields is nodding to both the female revenge flick – pictures likeThe Bride Wore Black, I Spit On Your Grave, Thelma & Louise, and Lady Vengeance – and the titular slasher convention, though neither winds up having anything to do with the other. Shields has made a cheeseburger with the cheese sadly left on the side.” (Via Movie Mezzanine.) 


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