WTH Just Happened?: House


“For all of its oddities, grotesqueries and eccentricities, the single strangest thing about Nobuhiko Obayashi’s House (Hausu) is probably its heritage. How does a legendary studio like Toho commission a film to capitalize on the success of Jawsand wind up with a haunted house flick? Forget the fact that House shares practically zero DNA with that august blockbuster beyond their medium. Even if we stack Obayashi’s gonzo spook-a-blast delight next to other films of its make—House on Haunted Hill, The Old Dark House, The Haunting, Kuroneko—his movie still looks like the black (or perhaps Technicolor) sheep of its family. This, apparently, is what happens when you turn to your preteen daughter for script ideas when making big screen summer entertainment.” (Via Paste Magazine.)


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