Review: Paulo Coelho’s Best Story, 2015, dir. Daniel Augusto


“Brazilian renaissance man Paulo Coelho has lived a life best described as quixotic. He’s well-known for penning The Alchemist, a slim tome that’s become the most widely translated novel by a living author. Left in the margins of his literary success are a variety of experiences, like his teenage rebellion against social norms, which sparked a intermittent treatments in a mental hospital. There’s also the one-year law-school stint he endured in his twenties, a series of drug-tinged global jaunts throughout the 1960s, and his songwriting collaborations with Brazilian rock god Raul Seixas. And, eventually, lest we forget, his arrest in 1974 by Brazil’s ruling military government, who deemed the lyrics he wrote for Seixas subversive, dangerous, and most likely a touch weird to boot.” (Via Movie Mezzanine.)


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