Review: I Am Chris Farley, 2015, dir.


“Toward the end of I Am Chris Farley, Brent Hodge’s biography of the late, great comic force of nature, Bob Odenkirk measures the tragic circumference of Farley’s death in one quote: “It’s just rare that a person has that much joy, and brings that much happiness to everyone around them. But with Chris…there’s a limit to how wonderful it is to me. And that limit is when you kill yourself with drugs and alcohol, you know? That’s where it stops being so fucking magical.” By happy accident, Odenkirk’s words summarize the film’s structure, too, though Hodge focuses more on the wonder of Farley’s spirit than the heartbreak of his passing. I Am Chris Farley is a warm and touching commemoration of its subject, but it’s also awkward and evasive, like your parents consciously avoiding talking about how grandpa died.” (Via Movie Mezzanine.)

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