Review: Big Significant Things, 2015, dir. Bryan Reisberg


“Channeling its theme of millennial ennui and disaffection, Bryan Reisberg’s handsomely crafted indie road trip comedy Big Significant Things has little to say, but says it with wit and style. Reisberg doesn’t pretend to have the answers, which doesn’t feel like a cop out since Craig Harrison–the neurotic, effete protagonist–doesn’t have any solutions. Harry simply indulges. What good reason can a man have for abandoning his girlfriend in the midst of house hunting to nurse his baseless anxieties and false pretense of traveling for work? Reisberg’s decision to avoid fleshing out the angst he depicts is refreshing. His leading man is kind of a mess, kind of a schmuck, and that’s kind of the point.” (Via Movie Mezzanine.)

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