Male Weakness and the Unreliable Men Of ‘Orange is the New Black’ Season Three


“A funny thing happens in the third season of Jenji Kohan’s Orange Is the New Black: from one episode to the next, the show’s feminine perspective comes to share more and more shelf space with the viewpoints of bumbling men. Dudes have always been a core part of Orange Is the New Black’s slammer yarn, of course. The series’ first two seasons make a lot of hay out of how Larry Bloom deals, or doesn’t, with Piper Chapman’s conviction and the fallout of her incarceration. (Short answer: He handles it pretty poorly.) Just a notch down on the totem pole from Larry, there’s John Bennett, a man who struggles with his job as a C.O. and his infatuation with inmate Daya. It’s a free-for-all of sorts after that; Piper’s brother, Cal, shows up on occasion to offer the earthy, loveably goofy charm only Michael Chernus is capable of providing, while Sam Healy actively cherrypicks the moments in which he does his job.” (Via Paste Magazine.)


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