Review: Tangerine, 2015, dir. Sean Baker


“Picture this: You’re visiting Los Angeles, just outside West Hollywood. The sun is beating down with such solar gusto the sidewalk shimmers. You’re en route to the nearby Donut Time for a breakfast of fried confections to start your day. No sooner do you set foot through the door and sidle up to the counter, anticipating sugary treats, than you find yourself caught up in a scorned woman’s whirlwind. She struts out of the joint with ferocious purpose, catching you in her wake like so much flotsam as she spouts argot and acrimony, her exasperated friend in tow. Within seconds you’re caroming around the city, inescapably strung along, struggling to keep stride with your righteously pissed host as she seeks the satisfaction of her own personal justice—wherever that may be. Your day has been hijacked. That chocolate twist blurs into distant memory.” (Via Paste Magazine.)


6 thoughts on “Review: Tangerine, 2015, dir. Sean Baker

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