Review: Ted 2, 2015, dir. Seth MacFarlane


“Asking whether we really needed a sequel to 2012’s Ted is almost unfair to Ted 2. Sequels, follow-ups, and part twos (and threes and fours) make up an ever-increasing percentage of our moviegoing diet these days. Questioning their necessity has nearly become reflexive. Treat it like a Mad Lib if you like. (Did we really need a sequel to _____?) The problem at the center of Ted 2, then, isn’t its status as a sequel, but rather Seth MacFarlane, the man responsible for making it. MacFarlane’s comedic style has merit within a sitcom format, where his ADD tendencies make up for his deficiencies as a storyteller. In a 2-hour movie, those various indulgences become profoundly grating before the opening credits song and dance routine comes to a close.” (Via Movie Mezzanine.)


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