Review: Heaven Knows What, 2015, dir. Josh & Benny Safdie


“If you’ve ever strolled down a bustling metropolitan city sidewalk, you’ve probably caught glimpses of homelessness in the corner of your eye. Maybe you’ve noticed sleeping bags nestled in doorways and highway underpasses; heard panhandlers beseeching passersby for change; walked swiftly past long queues outside of overcrowded shelters. Rather than discretely observe these folks while pretending not to, Josh and Benny Safdie want us to stare them in the face. In their new film,Heaven Knows What, they treat the sheltered masses as part of their backdrop for a tale of lives lived moment to moment. And what they’ve accomplished strikes with startling clarity.” (Via Paste Magazine.)


2 thoughts on “Review: Heaven Knows What, 2015, dir. Josh & Benny Safdie

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