Review: Iris, 2015, dir. Albert Maysles


“About a half hour into Albert Maysles’ Iris, the late, great filmmaker takes his viewers on an open house through the gloriously untidy apartment of his subject, fashion maven Iris Apfel. She glides from place to place before sidling up to an unwieldy statue made in the image of a turkey. A Kermit the Frog puppet adorns the great bird, wearing his perpetual heartening smile. ‘That’s Gussie,’ Iris casually tells the camera, as though Maysles and his viewing audience should already know the creature’s name. ‘Gussie is a bar. Her wing goes up, and her belly is full of booze.’ She demonstrates Gussie’s impressive functionality before adding, ‘And Kermit decided he’d like to live here, and he’s become a terrible lush.'” (Via Paste Magazine.)


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