TV Review: The Comedians, 1.3, “The Red Carpet”


“Last night’s episode of The Comedians has a surprise twist to it: it’s actually pretty good. If you’ve given up on the show already (and it seems like everybody has), the siren call of a half hour of chuckles might not be enough to lure you back to the TV’s warm glow, but “The Red Carpet” shows signs of progress. The gaps littering “Pilot” and “Come to the House” are mostly closed. Up until the show’s latest outing, something in the Billy Crystal/Josh Gad team-up has been missing. What that “something” is has remained more or less elusive, though in part you can attributeThe Comedians’ mediocrity to its paucity of jokes. A program so monikered ought to be funny, after all.” (Via Paste Magazine.)

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