TV Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, 2.20, “AC/DC”

Brooklyn-Nine-Nine-ACDC-556x314 (1)

“We now break our usual third-person omniscient mode in service to a desperate first-person plea: Can somebody please make me a pair of .gifs of Rosa’s and Holt’s amazing mid-episode reaction shots during their ill-fated double date with Marcus and Kevin? Stephanie Beatriz and Andre Braugher are both great at wry humor and articulating hilarity through facial tics, so seeing their talents in action isn’t “new,” per se. But in “AC/DC,” Rosa’s petrified response to Kevin’s innocuously prying personal questions, and Holt’s uncharacteristically bug-eyed reply to her pregnancy scare might rank among their best work on Brooklyn Nine-Nine to date (which is saying quite a lot).” (Via Paste Magazine.)

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