WTH Just Happened?: ‘Where is Mama’s Boy?’


“Ever blind-watched a movie just because you recognized its supporting cast? Have you ever thought to yourself, “Hey, I know this person from the secondary roles they’ve played in internationally prominent films!” and used that as justification to check out the random, obscure titles they spend most of their timing slumming it in? If so, then Where Is Mama’s Boy? may be like catnip to you, though describing this thing merely as “obscure” is a negligent understatement. Like Leon Trabuco’s cursed stash of gold, Steven Cheng’s tragic comic misfire is a treasure that’s probably best kept hidden away from the eyes of man, but mere mention of the film’s star—American Idol punch line William Hung—pretty much guarantees immediate masochistic interest from any movie geek within earshot.” (Via Paste Magazine.)

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