The United States of Film: Vermont


““What happens in Vermont, stays in Vermont. But nothing really happens.”

If you’ve ever been to the Green Mountain State, or even if you haven’t, chances are you’ve seen this wisecrack printed on a bumper sticker or perhaps a T-shirt. To a generous degree, it’s true; Vermont is a peaceful place where life ambles along and nobody, and nothing, is in a hurry to get anywhere. Unless you make the trek north toward the Canadian border, you won’t come across metropolitan living, and even then, “metropolitan” might be pushing it a bit. The Burlington-South Burlington New England City and Town Area boasts a total population of roughly one hundred-and-ninety eight thousand people. That’s just a fraction of the total population in, say, Boston, which itself has only a fraction of the inhabitants living in New York City. Vermont is a small, spread-out state. No hustle and bustle here.” (Via Paste Magazine.) 

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