Review: The Salvation, 2015, dir. Kristian Levring


“Don’t bother playing the “name that reference” game with Kristian Levring’s The Salvation; his film owes much to the titans of the Western archetype, but he makes few if any nods to them. For whatever reason, we tend to expect our genre films to pay visual or aural tribute to their sires as though homage is a toll to be paid rather than an optional, loving courtesy. With The Salvation, we might anticipate a riff on Unforgivenhere, a whiff of The Searchers there, or a hat tip to The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance somewhere in between, and in fairness the film wears its Stetsons and duster coats with quiet reverence. But the keyword here is “quiet.” Whatever specific influences Levring draws upon, he refuses to fuss over them.” (Via Badass Digest.)


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