TV Review: Agent Carter, 2.8, “Valediction”


“To say that “Valediction” doesn’t live up to the best episodes of Agent Carter’s cardinal season is to say that it’s still pretty good television; it’s just not great, which as criticisms go lies somewhere between “observational” and “straight up spoiled.” Maybe Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely shouldn’t have done such wonderful work on the rest of the series. Maybe they just should have written more tension into “Valediction”s falling action. Or, maybe they should have just given Hayley Atwell more to do, because she’s the first billed on Agent Carter’s marquee. At least she’s paired up with Dominic Cooper for further gender-smashing shenanigans, and she scraps it out with Bridget Reagan in one of “Valediction”s highlight sequences. But Atwell remains in puzzlingly diminished form until the finale’s final half.” (Via Paste Magazine.)

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