TV Review: Agent Carter, 1.07, “Snafu”


“Funny, isn’t it, that Agent Carter focuses so much on the quest to retrieve Howard Stark’s bad babies, yet we know so little about them; we don’t know what they are, and with a couple of outside exceptions (a’la Stark’s nitramene formula) we don’t know what they do. In “Snafu,”e though, the babies almost become characters unto themselves, and we’re given a harsh reminder of just how dangerous they really are. We know that Stark is a good guy with good intentions. We know that the series will end by clearing his name. All the same, “Snafu” gives the impression that maybe he ought to take a break from science, or at least dabble in safer branches of research. Right now, Stark looks less competent as an inventor than Bunsen Honeydew.” (Via Paste Magazine.)

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