Review: Queen and Country, 2015, dir. John Boorman


“You don’t need to watch John Boorman’s 1987 comedy drama Hope and Glory to vibe with its sequel, the decades-in-the-making Queen and Country. That’s probably the greatest feat Boorman pulls off with this follow-up to his unassuming Oscar nominee: walk into the film blind, and short of feeling like you’re up the Thames without a punt during its introductory scene, you’ll walk away grasping Boorman’s bigger picture. But really: Who does that? Who waits nearly three decades to shoot the second chapter in a semi-autobiographical tale of wartime England and somehow can still make it—without egregious handholding—accessible to uninitiated audiences? A year between entries in monstrous Hollywood franchises feels more punishing than the interstitial 28 between the halves of Boorman’s Truffaut-ian two-parter.” (Via Paste Magazine.)


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