Review: Mortdecai, 2015, dir. David Koepp


“Who is this dashing, mustachioed Mortdecai chap? An art dealer, you say? A man of high breeding with impeccable taste in paintings and wines? A scalawag, a ne’er-do-well, a man of shady intentions? That clears things up a bit, but still, who isMortdecai? A putz, a schlemiel, a real screwup, an oaf dressed in aristocrat’s clothing? A self-obsessed buffoon, an effete clown? The main character in a slightly obscure quartet of books by English author Kyril Bonfiglioli? Okay, we’re getting somewhere, but now that we’ve surveyed the circumference of the man, another question needs asking: Why did anyone think to adapt the misadventures of Charlie Mortdecai from page to screen for an American audience?” (Via Paste Magazine.)


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