TV Review: Agent Carter, Episode 1.03, ‘Time and Tide’


“Another week, another glowing MacGuffin; Peggy’s on a roll, recovering these mad scientist gizmos. The ride continues, though in “Time and Tide,” it grows bumpier thanks to ghosts from the past and a near-miss with reckless ambition. But running roughshod happens to do Agent Carter a few favors in the departments of character and story, expanding Peggy’s super heroine stance to include an element or two of boring old humanity, while also pushing along her bid to retrieve Howard Stark’s bad babies and prove his innocence in their theft. (Plus, Lindsey Fonseca and James D’Arcy both get generous portions of screen time to be either sassy or sentimental. That’s a balanced comic book breakfast right there.)” (Via Paste Magazine.)

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