TV Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Episode 2.10, “The Pontiac Bandit Returns”

brooklyn-nine-nine-pontiac-bandit-returns-craig-robinson_article_story_large (1)

“If you’ve been following the sequel pattern in Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s second season, then you probably walked into “The Pontiac Bandit Returns” with the lowest of low expectations. Neither “Halloween II” nor “Lockdown” even came close to touching the excellence of their progenitors; in point of fact, they’re two of the worst episodes in the show’s sophomore run (which is to say that they’re still funny, just totally incohesive in terms of their contributions to both character and narrative). So odds favor “The Pontiac Bandit Returns” falling far short of “Pontiac Bandit,” even in the face of Craig Robinson’s return to the precinct.” – Via Paste Magazine


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