Retrospective Review: Before Sunrise, 1995, dir. Richard Linklater


“When we talk about trilogies today, we tend to have a very specific visual in mind; we’re thinking of superhero rumpuses, decrepit horror series, action extravaganzas a few entries past being merely long in the tooth. We don’t usually think about talky love ballads that balance romance with aimless philosophical dissertations. In fairness, we didn’t have the same associations with the word “trilogy” back in 1995 that we do now, but that was a decade and change before Marvel started taking over Hollywood and franchising became the new model for big studio success. They were more innocent days, but they’re days long gone, and we can only look back on them fondly as combating companies scramble to erect the next generation of comic book tentpoles at a multiplex near you.” – Via Paste Magazine

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