Review: Horns, 2014, dir. Alexandre Aja


“Daniel Radcliffe doesn’t need Horns, but boy does Horns need Daniel Radcliffe. This is the Boy Who Lived after all, a young guy with so much pop cultural cachet that the idea of performing Equus seemed beneath him. Yet, even during his stint as the world’s most famous wizard, Radcliffe made moves to prove himself a real thespian and not just a child star doomed to fade away once his franchising bread and butter molded. He’s legit. He’s bona fide. He’s also, apparently, a fan of high concept horror, evidenced by his participation in films like The Woman in Black, next year’s adaptation of Frankenstein, and now the latest unsettling provocation from Alexandre Aja.” – Via Paste Magazine

2 thoughts on “Review: Horns, 2014, dir. Alexandre Aja

  1. I’m really excited to see Daniel in this one! It’s a different genre i’m used to seeing him in, and from the trailer it seems he does a really good job. I can’t wait!

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