TV Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Episode 2.05, “The Mole”


“There are two primary differences between this week’s episode, “The Mole,” and October’s overreaching seasonal joint, “Halloween II”: one, “The Mole” is successful at developing characters and constructing jokes. Two, Andre Braugher is the star here, rather than the supporting figure behind Andy Samberg’s usual displays of clownish bravado. Braugher usually plays a role in whatever shenanigans Jake Peralta gets in to from one installment to the next, so in many ways, “The Mole” is just business as usual for him. He walks into frame, delivers one-liners like a dashing, impeccably manicured robot, and steals a scene before the show’s focus shifts elsewhere.” – Via Paste Magazine

2 thoughts on “TV Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Episode 2.05, “The Mole”

    • Completely agree. That’s always been its greatest strength, too. I just love the fact that the show can put the focus on a “supporting” character (a’la Holt) and still work. More Braugher, please!

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