Freshly Pressed: Welcome to A Constant Visual Feast!

Welcome to A Constant Visual Feast, new readers! If you’re here, I can only assume that you found me through the Freshly Pressed link I received from the wonderful editors of WordPress this very afternoon, so let me take a moment to thank you for stopping in and my review of Skyfallfor perusing my content, and for– I hope!– sticking around in the future to see what else I come up with.

Permit me, too, the opportunity to introduce myself. You can get the full story here, but in summary, I’m an amateur film critic with three years of experience writing movie reviews for the web. A Constant Visual Feast first saw the light of day on August 28th 2009; since then it’s undergone a name change (it was originally called Andrew At the Cinema) and four or five face lifts, but my blog’s spirit has remained the same since day one. I love movies of all makes and models, and A Constant Visual Feast is the place where I share that love with my readers through reviews of and essays about contemporary releases, and analyses of classic films, often housed in my recurring series, the Criterion Files.

Lately, though, there’s been a common denominator in most of my writing: association with a site called Go, See, Talk!. I’ve been writing for Go, See, Talk! (the baby of editor Marc Ciafardini) since the beginning of this year, and my partnership with that site has opened up a lot of new opportunities for me in the form of the occasional interview or press release, and most of all in the form of press credentials that give me access to critics’ screenings. I’ve been writing a lot less for A Constant Visual Feast as a result, but that doesn’t mean there’s no reason to visit– just that you should also go visit GST as well! 

This is the third time A Constant Visual Feast has been Freshly Pressed, and I’m no less flattered now than I’ve been the previous times. Hopefully, you’ll like my writing enough that you choose to come back in the future (and take a look at Go, See, Talk! as well); maybe you’ll even feel like leaving some comments, which I love. Either way, feel free to check out my work– and maybe tell your friends, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and come back in the future! Thanks!


8 thoughts on “Freshly Pressed: Welcome to A Constant Visual Feast!

    • Thank you kindly, Angelina– glad to see so many Skyfall fans around! It’d be a lot of work to respond to a ton of dissenting opinions…

      And thanks for the praise about the review. In a rare instance of pride, I’m actually pretty pleased with it too. Hopefully I can continue writing on the same level in the future.

  1. You are consistently one of the best reviewers I have ever had the pleasure to read. Such insight and eloquence in your writing. Keep it up!

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