Go, See, Talk! Review: Argo, 2012, dir. Ben Affleck

Argo is a triumph for Ben Affleck, who surely must be laughing at all of us who derided his early output from Gigli to Pearl Harbor (not that we were wrong, because those films are horrible). If anything, his batting average as a director proves that we were all wrong about him as a talent; he’s an outstanding, remarkable storyteller, and with Argo he shows off a greater range than Gone Baby Gone and The Town suggest. This film, based on the events of the Iran hostage crisis at large and the Canadian Caper in the specific, is huge, a sprawling and yet airtight thriller about a real-world event and– by extension, thanks to its conceit– the decay of Hollywood. Click it here for the full review over at Go, See, Talk!, and sound off to let me know how you felt about the movie.

7 thoughts on “Go, See, Talk! Review: Argo, 2012, dir. Ben Affleck

    • Yeah, I had a couple of weeks where I just didn’t go see any movies. But this is one you should go see without hesitation.

      Not to talk it up too much but I think it’s Affleck’s best to date.

  1. yeah definitely his best to date for me, there’s not a weak scene in it… well possibly the very end. Really impressive the way he manages to mould the silly comedy and tension though.

    • The ending scene works for me in context with the film,, but I agree that if we look at it on its own, it does seem sort of absurd and “Hollywood”. For me that supports the idea that Argo is really out to make fun of Hollywood– but it also just supports the idea that Affleck is that good of a filmmaker.

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