Go, See, Talk! Review & Essay: Looper, 2012, dir. Rian Johnson

I put off posting this for about a week, but my review of Rian Johnson’s Looper went live last Friday in time for release– and just yesterday I published an essay dissecting the film’s thematic thrust regarding cycles of violence. I’ve been championing Looper across the blogosphere at any opportunity, and after one viewing you may understand why yourself; the film represents a cosmic leap forward for Johnson and someday should stand firmly alongside the best science fiction cinema has to offer as a contemporary classic. You can click it here to read my review; alternately, you can click it here to read my essay, though I’d advise you to stay well away from the latter piece if you have not seen the film. When I start an article off with a spoiler warning, you know it’s serious.

4 thoughts on “Go, See, Talk! Review & Essay: Looper, 2012, dir. Rian Johnson

  1. This movie was SO amazing. Probably my very favorite film I’ve seen this year so far. I too think it’ll end up becoming a classic of scifi cinema, and rightly so. I’d never heard of the director before this but I’ll be taking a look at what he’s done before and anticpating what he’s working on going forward.

    • It’s way up there for me, too, and I’m with you– if Looper doesn’t end up being canonized as a sci-fi classic years from now, I’ll be surprised.

      If you like what Johnson’s done here, check out Brick— his debut film– and then The Brothers Bloom. The latter’s easily his least impressive work, but still worth watching.

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