Go, See, Talk! Review: Liberal Arts, 2012, dir. Josh Radnor

Let me be clear: I’m supportive of Josh Radnor’s attempts to wade into the waters of filmmaking as his meal ticket, How I Met Your Mother, starts its final season. And I’m not even that big a fan of the show (though I wouldn’t say I dislike it by any stretch of the means). What I’m maybe less enthusiastic about is his tunnel-vision, since he really only seems to know how to write and direct certain types of characters and narratives; his sophomore effort, Liberal Arts, feels like a tale right out of HIMYM, and suggests that he doesn’t have a ton of range even if he knows how to work adequately within that range. But you’ll have to visit Go, See, Talk! to read more.


8 thoughts on “Go, See, Talk! Review: Liberal Arts, 2012, dir. Josh Radnor

  1. I also love HIMYM and wish Rdnor well but I completely agree with you in his limited range. It’s like he thinks that all he needs to do is grow a beard and the rest will follow, but the more he writes characters like this for himself the harder it will be for him to break out of that mold

    • Summed up perfectly. Thumbs up for you, very well put and I definitely agree. I don’t mind the guy at all, but he seems to really be shoehorning himself into a very particular mien. It seems to work for him, and I’m sure he can make a pretty lasting career out of it, but it is pretty limiting.

    • I’m more or less prepared to expect things like this from him at this point, though I have some optimism that he can expand his craft to tell stories with more depth and a reduced reliance on nostalgia.

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