Going Back to the Cabin, Part 1

This past Tuesday, Cabin in the Woods— still one of the best movies of 2012– hit Blu-Ray, and to commemorate its release I published a length essay about its meta-textual elements over at Go, See, Talk!. It’s clearly a horror movie about horror movies that specifically focuses on cliches and tropes, but is it for those elements or critical of them? Over the span of 2500 words and change, I think I come to a solid conclusion on the matter. If you haven’t already checked it out, point your mouse here


4 thoughts on “Going Back to the Cabin, Part 1

  1. I have to agree.. When they said you think you know the story, thu were right as I am a huge fan of horror and slasher films a like, so I naturally assumed this was a recycled plot that’s been beaten to death. Boy was I wrong! Thoroughly enjoyed the movie, and the originality that went into making it. Glad that others felt the same as I did

    • I loved the way Goddard and Whedon completely bypass expectations by going as far as they did with this. This is what horror looks like when it’s made smartly and infused with big ideas. Always happy to see a fan of this film drop by!

  2. One thing I’ve found interesting is that everyone that hates this movie liked it right up until the point where all hell literally breaks loose at the end. For me this ending is one of the big reasons why this film is so awesome and so successful in its purpose.

    • I think that’s the point where the movie got too smart for most people. I know that sounds snobby but it’s true; the film totally abandons the trope it embodies and even releases its grip on the meta critique somewhat and just goes absolutely nuts. And most people couldn’t handle it.

      I bet it’ll find a happier home on Blu-Ray, but it’s not a movie for the mainstream.

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