The LAMBCast Episode #126: Discussion Topics

If you’re a fan of the Large Association of Movie Blogs– known colloquially as the LAMB– then you probably listen to their Podcast every opportunity you get. And if you listen to their Podcast every opportunity you get, you may be aware that their latest episode, #126, has just gone live. This is significant to A Constant Visual Feast because…well, because I’m a guest in this installment. And I had a really great time. We didn’t have a specific focal point for discussion, and instead we ran the gamut talking about fan films, The Dark Knight Rises*, trilogies, and the American films that best capture what it means to be American. 

The “we”, by the way, consists of me, Joel Burman of Deny Everything, Alan of The Great Movie Project, Bubbawheat of Flights, Tights, and Movie Nights, and Dylan Fields– the founder of the feast– of Man, I Love Films. It’s a great crowd, a great round table jawing, and well worth listening to, so check it out on iTunes (just do a search for the LAMBcast under Podcasts) or you can find the link by “liking” the LAMB on Facebook!


2 thoughts on “The LAMBCast Episode #126: Discussion Topics

    • Yes, and it won’t be the last if I have any say in the matter– though maybe Dylan won’t invite me back just by virtue of how poorly I prepared for it!

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