Go, See, Talk! Review: Step Up Revolution, 2012, dir. Scott Speer

Step Up Revolution isn’t the sort of film that demands a great preamble; long before you set foot in the theater, you’ll have already developed an idea of what the movie is about through marketing and, frankly, through family resemblance. So with that said, I highly recommend checking out my full review of the latest installment in the “youths bettering themselves through dancing” saga, Step Up Revolution, a movie with more heart than brains by a long shot, some great use of 3D, outstanding dancing, and very little else. Laugh at the movie as much as you want– it pretty much welcomes you to do so– but you may find yourself in a measure of awe at what the performers accomplish here even if you find your intellect short-changed.

2 thoughts on “Go, See, Talk! Review: Step Up Revolution, 2012, dir. Scott Speer

  1. I might actually bring myself to see this when it comes out on DVD, but I don’t think I could justify paying to see it in theaters. I will admit though that however cliche the story is and how bad the acting is, there is something truly riveting about the way that some of the people in these movies can move. Reminds me that dance is an art and not just a way to resolve beefs in da hood

    • Yes, exactly. For me, the skill of the performers marks the only real reason to see films of this sort; everything else is beyond just being secondary. That’s not to say that the dancing in Step Up Revolution is so good that it wipes away the badness of, well, everything else and makes it worth paying to see in theaters, but it’s a fine choice for a rental– especially if your TV is 3D enabled.

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