Go, See, Talk! Review: Prometheus, 2012, dir. Ridley Scott

Prometheus has me over a proverbial barrel. The frosted part of me wanted to go in, come out, declare its spot on my top fifteen of the year secured, and cheer on Ridley Scott for maintaining his supremacy and dominance in the land of science fiction. The whole wheat part of me, on the other hand, recognizes that the preceding sentence teems with ridiculously unfair expectations, given that Prometheus links to Alien, a personal best for Scott and to this day one of the truly great science fiction films of all time; anticipating that even a director as talented as Scott should top one of his personal bests seems untoward. Is Prometheus, then, as good as I’d hoped it would be? No. But on that token, it’s still very, very good, warts and all, and worth seeing if only for Scott’s triumphant work with 3D and some really outstanding performances, particularly from Noomi Rapace and– of course– Michael Fassbender. Take a trip over to Go, See, Talk! for the full review. 


2 thoughts on “Go, See, Talk! Review: Prometheus, 2012, dir. Ridley Scott

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