The ‘D’ Is Silent: Django Unchained Trailer

I’ll just leave this right here.

My tendency to go hot-and-cold on the films of Quentin Tarantino* is well-known; the fact that I am almost robbed of words to describe my feelings toward the teaser for his latest, Django Unchained, should speak highly of its quality**. From Christoph Waltz devouring the screen with the same satisfaction as the cat that ate the canary, the brief glimpses of Leo in villain mode, to Foxx stepping into bounty hunter’s shoes, to the very look of each shot and every costume, this is some pretty arresting footage. If the film lives up to the promise shown here, it’ll likely enjoy being on everyone’s top ten list come the end of the year.

Where do you fall on this one? Like it? Love it? Speechless? 

*But not Quentin Tarantino, the man behind those films.
**Or I could just be putting on airs. I’m just a guy who write about movies on the Internet.


4 thoughts on “The ‘D’ Is Silent: Django Unchained Trailer

    • Honestly? I think I’m more excited with Foxx in the role than I would have been had Idris Elba been cast. Not that I don’t love Elba, I just think Foxx hasn’t had a really plum role in a long time. And he looks like he fits perfectly here.

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