The DearFilm Podcast: Battleship

Another week, another guest appearance on Outside the Envelope, the DearFilm podcast. Actually, it’s been more than a week. Several, in fact. But it was worth the wait, because Brian, Rick Sandlas, and myself all had a great time discussing Battleship, which I despised, as well as a bevy of other films– including Melancholia, The White Ribbon, and my #1 favorite 2011 release, Drive. Head over to DearFilm and listen to us as we talk about the perils of adapting board games into movies, blatant and backhanded military worship, the art of spectacle, the dearth of screen time for Liam Neeson, and Alex Hopper; you won’t be disappointed.



5 thoughts on “The DearFilm Podcast: Battleship

  1. Yeah, Battleship was just straight up terrible for me. I love the argument over The Avengers, even though I was sitting in disbelief that someone could actually find this turd better than it lol. I’m on your side, Andrew!

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