Mutton-Driven Ballots: The LAMB’s 2012 Nominations

What I am about to do is so contrary to my nature that writing this very sentence is nothing short of a Herculean feat. Bear with me.

I’ve been writing on the web since August 28th, 2009, when I first created A Constant Visual Feast (formerly Andrew At the Cinema) and published this open letter to Steven Spielberg about his announced remake of Oldboy, my favorite-all time film. Almost three years. It’s hard to imagine. 

Anyways, that’s besides the point, because not long after I created this blog I also submitted my application, so to speak, to become a member of the vaunted Large Association of Movie Blogs. Which I did. And so here I am, one lamb among the flock and a well-versed writer in the film writing blogosphere to boot. Now, 2012 will mark ACVF’s third year running, but for the LAMB, it’s year number 5, and with every year comes a new installment of their massive celebration of the blogs that comprise their membership. 

That’s the Lammys. 

While this year’s Lammys aren’t a first by any stretch of the means, this post represents a first for me. I’ve never self-promoted before– mostly because I’m terrible at it– but this year I’m putting my name out there for several of the Lammy nominations. So, I’ll make this brief: if you’re a member of the LAMB yourself, and if you’ve been reading this site long enough to develop fondness toward it, please take a moment and consider nominating A Constant Visual Feast in any (or all!) of the below categories– but only if you think I’ve earned them.

Best Blog— Self-explanatory. I certainly think it’s up there. 

Brainiac Award— I’ll be the first to describe my cinematic knowledge as “incomplete” and my skills in interpretation to be “improving”, but I like to think that I put a rather                                                  impressive amount of thought and analysis into each review that I write and each essay I compose.

Best Running Feature— Take your pick between the Criterion Files and my continued Game of Thrones/Walking Dead articles. 

Best Festival/Awards Coverage— You may recall that I covered the Independent Film Festival of Boston this year, at least in such capacity as I was able; I think the work I produced via reviews, and the coverage I provided via Twitter, definitely qualifies.

Best Movie Reviewer— This feels redundant to me in conjunction with the Brainiac Award, but if I’m a brainiac, then I’m also a pretty damn good reviewer, too, right?

Keep an eye on the LAMB home-base as well as Twitter, as promotion and nominations will continue throughout the month until May 27th. I’m not one for asking for help– really, just ask anybody– but I’m sincerely hoping that some of you out there will see fit to support ACVF in the nomination process. I don’t much care for self-aggrandizing, but I’d still dearly love to be able to put “best anything” down on this site’s sideboard. Advanced thanks and graciousness to anyone and everyone who checks this out and decides to throw my name into the ring– it’s truly appreciated. 


8 thoughts on “Mutton-Driven Ballots: The LAMB’s 2012 Nominations

  1. Never fear – a) a little self-promotion never hurt anyone, and b) you’re getting some votes from team MILF.

    And yeah, I suppose Best Reviewer and Brainiac are a bit redundant, but at the same time, not everyone writes reviews.

    • Very true. I more meant it’d be redundant for me to bring them both up at the same time, but man that’s not clear at all based on my writing. Maybe I should un-nominate myself now.

      And thanks a lot, Dylan– that means a lot, as I consider the MILF team to be way up there in the blogosphere!

  2. I’ve decided. We should be friends. I live in the New England area as well and I was going to cover IFFBoston this year, but they didn’t have a press pass for me :(. Regardless I’ll take a look around and try to remember this site from now on.

  3. I’m feeling super awkward about the self-endorsement as well, but I suppose it couldn’t hurt. I need to remind people I’m there, after all, though I read everyone’s posts via the good old Google Reader, I so rarely have time to comment with anything new or helpful. I’ll pass a nod or two your way!

    • Much obliged, Wilde.

      Self-endorsement is not at all something I’m accustomed to. But you’re right, it’s good to remind people you exist– which is why I try to aggressively comment on other people’s articles. That’s more work than one might expect, though!

  4. I kinda stopped with the self-endorsement for the last couple years but I might pick it up again this year. Nothing wrong with it, everyone is doing it! 😀

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