Forget About Performance Art: Step Up Revolution Trailer

When watching the trailer for Step Up Revolution (the fourth entry of the hip hop dance saga, which frankly nobody really needs), be ready to answer one big, important question: are you ready for some protest art?

In theory, I’m behind the concept of hinting at social revolution and pointing to the Occupy movements in a film that’s largely just designed to make profits and showcase some great dancing. (And to be fair, all these films really need to do is present an uncomplicated plot with a straightforward narrative and overlay it with outstanding choreography.) I admire the injection of big ideas into fluff, and so I should by all rights be in favor of this picture– save for the fact that break dancing to save jobs and homes feels inherently ridiculous, and that referenced line is mind-bogglingly silly.

Still, there’s something encouraging about seeing these sorts of issues appear in what’s otherwise just disposable cinematic product.


6 thoughts on “Forget About Performance Art: Step Up Revolution Trailer

    • I want to say that there are worse things– I mean, there are five Twilight movies (well, four for now; the fifth one isn’t out yet).

      But I really can’t wrap my brain around there being four Step Up films.

  1. I actually kind of liked the first one. But it got really silly afterwards and this is probably topping everything we’ve seen so far in terms of that.

    • That’s exactly it. I haven’t seen the first one but it sounds perfectly reasonable as disposable fluff entertainment. This just sounds ridiculous.

  2. Never seem a single one…probably never will. But I can’t believe Kai hasn’t mentioned this anywhere, as he’s a lover of the 2nd one (seriously). Me? I can’t even be fussed to actually watch the trailer.

    • Maybe the next time I’m laid up on the couch after surgery, I’ll burn through these. I could enjoy them for the dancing, but seeing them try to work as serious commentary just reads as silly on paper.

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