Avengers, Assemble For Take 86: Behind the Scenes Avengers Images

Well, we’re almost into April, and I can only imagine that in the coming thirty days we’ll see the campaign promoting the May 2nd release of The Avengers ramp up in a big way. Marvel’s unleashed some new screen caps here and there to follow up the truly horrible poster released at the end of February and the solid trailer released earlier this month; if you haven’t seen them, they’re pretty ubiquitous at this point, so check out your favorite aggregate blogs and sites and you’re sure to come across them.

On the other hand, if you want to see newer images, I’ve got some high-resolution behind-the-scenes images from the film for your viewing pleasure. Scroll away, and let your excitement for The Avengers continue to build*!

Joss Whedon talks shop with Samuel L. Jackson.

Whedon directing Chris Hemsworth's Thor; Hemsworth strokes his beard in acknowledgement.

I'm pretty sure when Tom Waits wrote All the World is Green, this isn't what he had in mind.

Whedon wielding Captain America's legendary shield.

Ladies and gentlemen, the bravest 2nd AC in the history of ACs.

*Unless you’re like me, in which case your excitement is at its apex and you just need to see the damn movie already.

13 thoughts on “Avengers, Assemble For Take 86: Behind the Scenes Avengers Images

  1. It all looks very “cool” and “epic” … but I’m getting tired of the amount of talk about The Avengers.

    Are you a fan of the comics?

    • Oh, no, trust me. I’m tired of the talk and the build-up, too. I just want to see the damn film already. But I endeavor to publish press releases whenever I get them– content is content, traffic is traffic– and besides, they are kind of neat.

      I’m not a huge comic reader. When I do it’s usually something like Hellboy or Y: The Last Man or Transmetropolitan.

      • the movie doesn’t really follow to a particular Avengers plot (was supposed to be following Siege plot, but.. Norman Osborn?) so it’ll probably be interesting to see what they do without the main villain. YES the trailers alone make me die. Sorry, excessive geeking out.

        • No need to apologize. I’m really not that big of a comics fan– I have enough familiarity that I don’t need the fundamentals to be explained to me, but not enough to be able to pinpoint (in most cases) the storylines the films draw their plots from– but I totally get geeking out over a property like this. You should see how I reacted to The Hobbit trailer being released.

          As far as the main villain…well, no matter what, you could do much worse than Tom Hiddleston.

          • No worries there, to each his own. Haha, well it couldn’t have beeen as bad as me finding out Avengers was going to be released on my birthday (but then they shifted it earlier, bastards). I’m guessing you have the extended LOTR trilogy where each movie is like, 4 hours long?

            On the contrary, you do have Scarlett Johansson in a tight leather get-up wielding guns.

            • Honestly, I’m happy to see more of Agent Coulson. Clark Gregg’s not only a local, but he’s awesome to boot. And yeah, I’ve got the Extended Rings trilogy– I’ll probably end up getting the Extended Hobbit films if Jackson follows the same path with those two films.

  2. Definitely, Coulson’s finally going to be useful for once. Really? Haven’t seen much of Clark Gregg except in 500 Days Of Summer and In The Land of Women. So…do you know the language of Mordor? Or is that just in Big Bang Theory?

    • I’ve seen him here and there– first in The Shield years ago, then in 500 Days of Summer and Choke, and then in The New Adventures of Old Christine, which I don’t much care for outside of how great Gregg is.

      I do not speak any Tolkien languages. I love Tolkien, but not enough to buy Rosetta Stone for Elvish.

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