The DearFilm Podcast: Silent House

So this past Sunday, I had the opportunity to do my very first podcast with two upstanding bloggers who, frankly, you should be aware of if you’re not already: Dan, from Fog’s Movie Reviews, and Brian, from DearFilm. Suffice to say, with the caliber of the bloggers involved you’d be doing yourself a favor if you listened to it for yourself. You can find it online here; if you like being presented with options, though, you can check it out through iTunes on the Radio DearFilm channel. The three of us cover a range of topics, from Silent House to Eastbound and Down to Dan’s crushing dominance in the traffic war, so check it out and then sound off below! The experience was a total blast to record, and it’s just as entertaining to listen to it.


8 thoughts on “The DearFilm Podcast: Silent House

    • Thanks Marc! That means a lot, as I was incredibly anxious over how I’d come off sounding (though after listening to it myself I think I come off alright, even if that does sound self-serving).

      • I always dread rehearing anything I’ve ever said in a podcast or interview but honestly, it was a really great listen. All three of your contributions were excellent. Fine job Bud!

  1. Hell yeah Andrew! I finally know what your voice sounds like lol. I thought you sounded fine. I actually think you are very eloquent and it comes off in your writing and I think it translates well into audio haha. I love your style and how you can find the good in things and not write off a film even if its not entirely successful.

    • Thanks Blain– glad that all of that comes across well in audio! And that philosophy of seeing the good in every film is something Film Crit Hulk wrote about a chance meeting with Quentin Tarantino, in which QT essentially said that even bad films can teach you valuable things about the craft and to never hate a film. I’ve taken that to heart since reading it. It’s a piece well worth checking out, just search Hulk’s blog.

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