Go, See, Talk! Review: The Grey, 2012, dir. Joe Carnahan

Today marks the release of survival-action film/Liam Neeson vehicle The Grey, the latest film from director Joe Carnahan (Narc, The-A Team).  I unequivocally loved it; it’s an immensely effective pulse-pounding thriller on the surface, but it’s characterized much more strongly by its more metaphysical and emotional traits, something that took me off-guard in the best way possible. Check your expectations at the door, or you’ll be disappointed. I’ve got my full review up on GoSeeTalk for your perusal– so head on over and give it a read!



8 thoughts on “Go, See, Talk! Review: The Grey, 2012, dir. Joe Carnahan

  1. WOW, this was a great film wasn’t it? Wasn’t expecting something so profound from this gritty survival epic. Loved it and Liam Neeson gave one of his strongest performance in a while. And yes, when it ended people booed. I just sat there content at what I just witnessed. Kinda annoying, but their loss. Does ambiguity really rub people the wrong way or what?

    • I wasn’t in the critics’ section at the screening I attended Tuesday, so I heard a lot of groaning, but I can’t say it took me by surprise. It’s not an ending that really plays to mainstream sensibilities, which dictate that the hero should live to fight another day.

      But The Grey isn’t that movie and Ottway isn’t that character.

      • Guess I have too much faith in mainstream audiences sometimes. The film ended exactly like it should have, exactly dictated by the story that was being told. Are they blind or are they that desperate for another action scene? lol.

        • Interestingly enough the original script, I’m told, did end with a “man fights wolf” action scene. Part of me wonders if that climax just didn’t work on film and it just got cut, but I think the current ending fits in thematically in a way Neeson fighting CGI wolves just wouldn’t.

  2. I enjoyed this film so much more than I thought I would. Easily my favorite film of this fledgling year. Matter of fact, I’m campaigning Neeson for next year’s Best Actor Race.

    • If rumor is correct, The Grey just missed Oscar eligibility this year, so maybe we’ll see it nominated for the ceremony in 2013. The movie is being released in theaters again this fall, so that’s definitely a sign that someone thinks the film is competitive.

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