The GST Interview: James Newton Howard

If you’re a fan of musical scores for films in general, or an admirer of legendary composer James Newton Howard specifically, then I’ve got a couple of articles that are right up your alley. Marc Ciafardini, founder and editor of GoSeeTalk, has published a two-part series covering Howard’s very first public performance with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra for their Masters of Film music series. The first article, published yesterday, details the event itself and finely articulates Marc’s enthusiasm for Howard’s talents and artistry; the second, published today, contains an interview with the man himself, conducted by Marc! Pretty cool, if you ask me.

So head on over to GoSeeTalk and check the series out! Even if you can’t count yourself as a music aficionado, they’re very informative and brimming with detail about the event itself and Howard’s career to boot. Head on over– and let Marc know what you think!

2 thoughts on “The GST Interview: James Newton Howard

  1. Hey, thanks for the plug Andrew! Glad you enjoyed it.

    Yes it was very informative, fun and also highly intimidating talking with him. He doesn’t do interviews very often so this was a rare treat…wish I had more time as I really could have asked him questions for an hour but he’s just a very busy man.

    • You’re very welcome Marc! Thought this was very much worth mentioning here, because, as you say, Howard’s a hard man to get an interview with and the fact that you did is pretty impressive. That’s coupled with the fact that the write-up and interview are both really good!

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