So Nice, He Posted It Twice: What’s Happening At ACVF

Some of you who read a wide variety of movie blogs across the web may have noticed an odd phenomenon recently, in which a couple of the reviews at A Constant Visual Feast have turned up on another person’s blog. There’s a reason for this. Recently, I’ve begun doing contributing writing over at the very excellent GoSeeTalk, headed by the irreplaceable Marc Ciafardini. That doesn’t mean ACVF is going anywhere anytime soon; it just means that I’ll be stretching myself out over a couple of blogs instead of just the one.

This means that sometimes I’ll be posting across both blogs, and sometimes I’ll be posting content exclusive to one or the other. What does that mean for you? Well, it means that you should be keeping an eye out on both blogs, of course! If you like ACVF, you’ll like GST very much, too– so sign up for GST’s RSS feeds, subscribe to the site, follow GST on Twitter and Facebook. You’ll be getting great content from GST’s writing staff as well as my own work to boot.

So head on over to GoSeeTalk, and keep tuning in to A Constant Visual Feast– I promise you, you’ll be thankful you did!


One thought on “So Nice, He Posted It Twice: What’s Happening At ACVF

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