My Versatile Blogger Award

JL over at the Couch Potato Club has done me the honor of name-dropping me and subsequently hooking me up with my very own Versatile Blogger award. This isn’t some blog-breaking, game-changing prestige, which I frankly appreciate; rather, the Versatile Blogger award’s intent is to spread some link-love across the blogosphere and introduce our various readers to other online movie journals which they may not have previously (or otherwise) been privy to. My kind of award, since the spirit of community-building is one I admire and applaud, so to that end I’ll uphold my end of the bargain and perform the duties expected of those given the pleasure of being counted amongst the number of other Versatile Bloggers.

I’ve already link-dropped JL, who you likely have seen pop up in comments on my blog posts of late, for being a mensch and giving me an image to paste on my main page. That brings me to my second charge, in which I must list seven different things about myself, though I am personally loathe to precede one list with another:

1) I’m married and a homeowner as of October 23rd and July 31st, 2010, respectively.

2) I used to (and occasionally still do) play guitar and bass, though I cannot read music and taught myself most of the songs I know picking out the notes by ear. Biggest accomplishment: Transcribing all of Flea’s bass line on “Soul to Squeeze”, one of the best songs the Red Hot Chili Peppers have ever written.

3) I’m on my way to becoming an avid world traveler, having made my way to the UK twice and to Amsterdam once. I’ll be heading back to Britain this summer after enjoying Italy for the first time with my wife as we go on our honeymoon.

4) I’m a fairly practiced cook, which is my second hobby/passion after movies. I can roast a chicken as skillfully as I roast a terrible movie.

5) I grew up in the same neighborhood as Johnathan Katz.

6) I love all kinds of music, just as much as I love all kinds of movies, but I’m a huge fan of heavy metal from Ozzy Osbourne to Mastodon to Arch Enemy.

7) I love the outdoors, from camping and hiking to bike riding.

That should give you a pretty broad idea of who I am and what I’m all about. Which brings me to the final task, in which I link fifteen other great blogs for your reading enjoyment:

1) The Droid You’re Looking For

2) Jar Watches Films

3) Fandango Groovers

4) Ross vs Ross

5) Marshal And The Movies

6) The Dark Of The Matinee

7) The Film Reel

8) 5plit Reel

9) The M0vie Blog

10) Top 10 Films

11) You Talking To Me?

12) Cut the Crap Movie Reviews

13) Paragraph Movie Reviews

14) This Guy Over Here

15) M. Carter At The Movies

And that’s how we do it, folks. Thanks again to JL for the mention, and please check out the above blogs as they are all truly solid and deserve the traffic and the comments. Get into the Versatile Blogger spirit!

4 thoughts on “My Versatile Blogger Award

  1. It’s always nice to read these kind of meme from people who haven’t done it 5 times (like we did aahha).

    #3 You should probably mix it up a bit instead of going to the UK over and over again if you want to become a world traveler faster 😉

    #4 I wish I could cook but yea, that’s going to be a big deal if my future wife can’t cook ah! 😉

    #7 I’m a big outdoors guy myself! Hopefully, I will be able to organize a camping trip to the Rocky Mountains later this year but it’s always tough to assemble the people and get them all lined up right with life and work getting in the way.

    • It’s a pleasure to be singled out this way, personally, and I know what you mean– seeing the third or fourth such post from other blogs can get a little tiresome. Not that they don’t deserve recognition for being great!

      #3– well, England and Wales are two totally different beasts despite being on the same rock, but I concede the point. Maybe that claim will be easier to make after my honeymoon!

      #4– cooking’s easy! Anyone can do it. It’s as simple as finding a recipe that tickles your fancy and taking it easy while you make it happen.

      #7– I hope to get outdoors more this summer than we were able to last year, camping and hiking really can revitalize a person and make them feel invigorated.

  2. Glad to see others got into the spirit of this. I definitely applaud such things as this and love the sense of community that this movie blog network provides.

  3. Thanks a lot for this, I think this a great way to send some love around the blogosphere. Great picks on here, btw.

    P.S. Nice to see someone that’s into Heavy Metal. It’s not my favourite type of music per se, but I very much appreciate from time to time.

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